How Do I Treat an Armpit Yeast Infection? (With Pictures)

Underarm fungal infections cause annoying itchy disorders. This disorder is called underarm rash marked reddish color. Before you see a doctor, you can you can reduce itching in a simple way. So, if you ask ‘how do I treat an armpit yeast infection?’, you can get the answer here.

One of factor that affect armpit rash are summer. This warm and humid season is where the fungus develops. As you know, candida or fungi in your underarm will infect and affect white or bumpy skin scales

5 Best Way to Get Rid Armpit Rash

The good news, you can cure itching in your armpits in a simple way. Start with positive thoughts so you can be more relaxed responding to them. Because the air is moist and warm, you can make your armpits cool in a number of ways:

Take A Bath Using Warm Water and Soap

How Do I Treat an Armpit Yeast Infection? (With Pictures)

Initial symptoms of itching, you can wash your armpits with soap and warm water. Because this infection is caused by fungus, soap and warm water decreases the potential for infection to spread or worsen.

Compress Your Armpits with Ice Cubes

Ice cube can cool down yor armpit. It can reduce spreading candidia. First, you can wrap some ice cubes in cotton cloth. Stick it to the infected area for 2 minutes. Rest then repeat it. Do it in several sessions (one session for 10 to 15 minutes). You can do every day until itchy over.

Wear A Shirt That Gives A Lot of Air (If Possible, Use Sleeveless Clothes for A While)

A tight top on the armpits becomes a problem. This can swipe and cause your armpits to hurt more. So, no-sleeved shirts are safe to wear during infection.

In addition, some fabrics can irritate the armpits. This material comes from synthetic fibers such as polyester (PE). To prevent excessive itching, wear clothing made from cotton or other natural fibers instead.

Apply Moisturizer Without Fragrance Aand Using Anti-Itching Creams


If the cause of the itchy and blackened armpits are allergic or irritated, this can be overcome by avoiding the use of certain products. Then there are also natural ingredients for relieving itching and irritation, namely coconut oil or lavender.

After that, do not ever scratch the itchy armpit so that the armpit is not infected and keep the body clean.

Consume More Vitamin C


Yo can consume oranges, tomatoes, and broccoli to help you fight skin problems caused by infections.

Cut the lemon and slide it into your armpit skin. Lemon citric acid can kill bacteria in your armpits. Using lemon in this way also functions as a DIY deodorant.

Some essential oils can help treat underarm rashes as well. Lavender, coconut or tea tree oil helps to overcome itching, irritation, and fungal infections.

Mix a little lavender and coconut oil and use cotton to spread the mixture on your rash to soothe the irritation. Use tea tree oil mixed with water on cotton to help kill fungus and stop excessive itching.

How Do I Treat An Armpit Yeast Infection Until Healed?


Reducing itching as little as possible helps the pain of infection. However, you have to treat it from its roots. Treating armpit fungus is applying antifungal ointments and powders.

No need a doctor’s prescription, you can buy it at the pharmacy. Apply according to topical treatment instructions. This must be applied several times a day for several weeks.

However, if it does not improve for 1-2 weeks and causes symptoms that are getting worse, you should visit a dermatologist. Even though it looks mild, armpit infection can develop into severe infectious disease.

Therefore, if you experience it and ask how do I treat an armpit yeast infection, it is best to seek medical treatment to prevent further discomfort and complication.

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